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Tipping is not a city in China


Posted 26th November 2008 518

As you see the oft used cliche above you can assume what this rant will be about. My husband delivers pizza, at the moment I am pregnant and unable to work so it is our only source of income for right now….here is what I want to say to all of you that think tipping your delivery driver is optional. 1.Your food will be spit in, or in extreme cases your pepperoni will be used to wipe an ass. 2. Tipping assures that your food arrives fresh, untainted and free of bodily excrement. 3. If you’re not going to tip, DON’T FUCKING CALL SOMEONE TO DELIVER YOUR FOOD AND GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PICK IT UP YOURSELF YOU WORTHLESS SACK OF HUMAN DECAY. That’s all. Thank You

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Posted by Anonymous 26th November 2008

haha, must remember to tip.

don’t want fecal matter in my food.

Posted by Anonymous 28th November 2008

Grow up.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

Tipping should be optional and there should be more (enough) money included in the salary

that’s how it is in Europe

nobody tips because the workers don’t need tips for their survival

Posted by The Proventer 25th January 2009

I wouldnt tip you chinese husband either. Youre pregnant? your fault. Shitty job? his fault. You both made mistakes. and probably will make many more.

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

Sounds to me like your the lazy one. Sitting at home without a job. How could you do that to your husband? Put all that extra pressure on him. Im sure when he comes home from his job, you give him a list of things you need him to do. you probably dont even appreciate that he works hard.

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