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To all you guys out there…..I NEED your advice!!!


Posted 6th December 2008 2218

Ok I’ve got a bf who is really into me. He tells me he is in love with me already and we have only been going out for a couple months. I am not as into him as he is into me, I like him and I think he is a very sweet guy, but he is just not the guy for me. I’m really thinking about breaking it off with him. But I don’t want to hurt him, also he told me that he got me a Christmas presant already from Belden Jewelers. Now idk if I should stay with him untill after the Holidays or if it would be easier to just to it now. So let me know what you think…I need your advice…??

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Posted by Anonymous 6th December 2008

Do it now, easier for him to return the gift, and if your just staying in it to GET the gift…then I have a low opinion of you…

Posted by Bobby blue 8th December 2008

Do it now. You’ve already made the decision, so it would be unethical to stick around simply for the gift exchange. Why drag it out? Why be the tease? He’ll get over you.

Posted by Hard Corps 10th December 2008

Thats an easy one. If you wait til after Christmas, you get to keep the gift. Duuhhhhh

Posted by Anonymous 17th December 2008

Do it now. Dont be a gold digger

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