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To my MIL and PIL


Posted 17th February 2017 811

You’re ignorant and know no manners. I have done all things for you. Convert to your religion! Alright! Learn proper cooking and housekeeping! Done! But I’m so tired of your crappy attitude and treatment. I can’t stand this hilly billy hell you proudly call home. Everything here is a bunch of mismanaged pathetic shit. I hate your dirty kitchen, it always stinks and disgusting. I hate all the pressure you always put to my husband, the way you manipulate him and use his kindness for your own gain, really I’m sick of it! He’s the first person you ask for ANY help at all, but look you treat him like crap. Oh, and please stop all the virtue signalling to the outside world, it doesnt make you better people. How can you be proud of yourself when you treat your own son like shit?? Don’t say “Thank God” or “God is so generous and merciful,” everytime you got help, when it is MY money that helped you, yes, not God’s money, MY money, and some of them were even MY FATHER’S money, which he earns through hard work and humbleness, so unlike you!! And no, I aint bailing out from my husband even if you told him to get rid of me, even if you think that I’m hell-sent bitch whos making your son’s life miserable.. ugh so very ungrateful, why blame me when the ruins of your family have been all your faults!! Fuck! I ain’t going nowhere, even if this means war!!!

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