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To those of you who are looking for a job


Posted 16th May 2011 2019

So I applied online for a job at kmart. It was all awesome until you get to the assessment part. I get through the first 30 then I realize there are freaking 96 question that practically repeats itself. This shit is stupid I wished I had a answer key because seriously I fucking don’t have a life because I can’t answer these retarted questions to get a job. The most fucked up shit is all the people I know that does drugs has a job they complain about how fucking crappy their job is and I stand there like an idiot because I never touch drugs in my life and feel like I should since you would have to be high to answer the questions on applications. Hey who ever you are i will give you a tip about online applications. If at the end of the application it doesn’t take you to the schedule an interview page you got rejected. Don’t expect a call you won’t be getting one!

kmart sears online application fuck unemployment

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Posted by someone 18th May 2011

I agree! I applied for Starbucks and spent like an hour filling out the survey! They still didn’t call me back or emailed me after two weeks! UGH!

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