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Too Young?


Posted 24th June 2010 1721

I’m 23 and have been talking to a girl online for about 6 months and when I asked if she’d consider meeting up she said of course. So now, in October I have time off work and I might do the 2 hour train ride and meet her. Problem is, she will have only just 16. This means it’ll all be legal blah blah but is it weird? I find her extremely attractive, stunning actually and when I call her she’s able to have a serious, mature conversation but still knows how to have a laugh. She looks older than she is so I don’t think anyone would be looking at us like ‘oh fuck, look at him fucking pervert’ or anything but I duno. She’s also told me that she’s still a virgin but has given a few BJs in her time and she’s told me her parents will be on holiday so I’m welcome to stay… Should I stop being a wimp and just go for it?

talking online months meeting october problem extremely attractive stunning

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Posted by Anonymous 25th June 2010

don’t take advantage of somebody who is 7 years younger than you, there are plenty of lovely girls your own age. saying ’she says she has given a few bj’s’ says to me that you are planning to have sex with her - don’t be so stupid and call it off now.

Posted by Anonymous 25th June 2010

How exactly am I taking advantage? She obviously wants sex or she wouldn’t have asked me to stay. I did offer to get a hotel but she insisted. Even if she didn’t want sex though I’d still want to meet her and see what she’s like irl.

Posted by LULZ 27th June 2010

Stop being a pussy and shag her. She’s gagging for it blates.

Posted by Anonymous 3rd July 2010

haha. its going to be To Catch a Predator. Really thou. just fucking wait if she’s so worth it.

Posted by Anonymous 12th July 2010

yeah dude wtf? I’m 16 and a virgin, I would NOT do it with some dude I just met in person. How come your assuming she wants sex? and if she is so great then you should wait ESPECIALLY if shes a virgin… your making her sound like a whore!

Posted by Anonymous 19th July 2010


Wait for what btw? She’ll be 16 when I meet her?

Posted by Sound through the silence 16th August 2010

Go find a nice girl your own age, and do not take advantage of this girl. Chances are she is lying about her age, and she is much younger anyway. It’s illegal.

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