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Ugliest Fatass Ever


Posted 7th July 2010 68

Fuck, I am so fucking fat and ugly. I’m 5′6″ and 166 lbs- I have a fucking double chin and I can’t lose my fucking blubber- well I am sort of but it’s taking me forever. Everyone around me is beautiful, and I’m a big fat blob. I barely consider myself as a person, and I’m always surprised if anyone is polite or friendly to me.

When I’m alone at home, or even in a crowded gym, I can start to forget about my ugliness and feel ok about myself, but that’s always shattered when I see my skinny friends or my sister. I constantly feel like I should be a failblog entry.

idiot ugly shit

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Posted by Anonymous 12th July 2010

Your body is only temporary. It is beautiful as well. Everyone is beautiful. Just because our society thinks skinny is beautiful it doesn’t mean they’re right! Stop hating yourself and accept you for who you are!

You are amazing

Posted by in all honesty 15th July 2010

I, for one, would definitely prefer the company (romantic or platonic) of someone I find interesting and ugly instead of someone boring and beautiful.

Personality - it’s becoming a rarity nowadays. Value your personality, not your looks. As long as your hygiene is a-okay, you’ll eventually be found by the person who sees you to be their ideal partner.

Posted by Sound through the Silence 3rd August 2010

The one main piece of advice I can give is that you can change your appearance, you just have to be confident and know that it will take time. It’s not about being skinny or muscular, it’s about being in the best shape for yourself. Let me tell you a story..

A girl I knew grew up and was a little bit overweight. She was teased all through school, and then when she got out of high-school she met a wonderful man and they got married. Shortly after their marriage, she started taking a new medication that made her anemic and she came very close to death, and discovered that she had had lupus since she was born. She now takes a medication that makes her gain a severe amount of weight ( That no amount of exercise will relieve) and at first she felt self-conscious. And then upset, because she can’t fit into any of her clothes, she has to be careful what she eats, and she feels enormous all of the time.

You CAN lose the weight. You have to have the self-respect to do so. Good luck!!

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