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WTF is up with women??


Posted 25th June 2012 1930

Am i really that bad of a guy,

I got a good job, a nice car, a place to live, yet not flashing it to anyone. Yet every single fucking Woman I meet is intent on finding the absolute bottom feeding scum of society and claiming they are good person, They have no jobs, yet they are ‘in between work’, they play video games all day, because they are ‘creative’ they don’t drive because ‘mommy and daddy didn’t pay for my test’.

I got fucking news for you, the only in between work i get is weekends, if i had all day to waste, i’m sure i would be more creative, and for your fucking information, I worked for everything i got!!!! Oh an so did they, and they got fuck all.

So if your a woman reading this, is that lump of shit still gonna be sponging in ten years time? Is he the best for your kids, current or future?? Why not find a bloke who will look after you, not treat you like dirt and actually give a shit about someone else but themselves??

flashing single fucking intent finding absolute bottom feeding women

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Posted by bitches like losers 6th July 2012

younger women love assholes who are lazy and have nothing going for them. it’s something genetic left over from the cretaceous period(back when we had to physically fight to survive) don’t let them say otherwise, there’s more proof then they care to admit*and they won’t*.

Long story short, go for women that are a little bit older. seriously, they’ve been through all the shit and they know that assholes are just that,assholes and they want nothing to do with them. just what I think(not a women though).

Posted by Anonymous 17th July 2012

They go for the “low lives” because of their own internal dysfunction. The people they chase after, and are with, are a reflection of their own internal issues.

Posted by Jezebel 18th July 2012

Ahhh, there’s the rub we like those lazy, no good sons o’ bitches cuz they aren’t boring, small dick, no balls having, overly nice asshats that we can walk all over. I’m over that phase though. I have had enough off the asshat tools, and now just date the nice boring guy who loves to golf….blech! Although he doesn’t allow me to walk on him because he’s a MAN! and he’s got a big dick-and will eat my pussy for hours….lol P.S. let’s see a pic, then we can really decide if yo’re all that bad. Also if you are boring in bed, you’re pretty much done, girls don’t like vanilla. We want your freak flags flying high!

Posted by jeff 26th June 2013

Women love assholes. Not nice guys. Get it?

Posted by Mug 2nd June 2014

Ah, but they also know that people who claim to be nice guys are also assholes.

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