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Wait Listed


Posted 18th March 2011 94

I’m not afraid to say that I am a hard working student. I have had straight “A’s” for three years, been involved in tons on school activities and done loads of community service. I got a notification from the University of Connecticut that I’m not accepted, but if I email them they will be willing to put me on a wait list and I wont get their wait list decision until the end of May, but almost every athlete with mediocre grades and SAT scores got instantly accepted into UConn. Way to piss on me!!! I have worked my butt off for four years, putting so much time and genuine effort into my school work and extracurricular activities, but because I’m not a stellar athlete or the valedictorian they feel like they can’t even put the effort into at least putting me onto a wait list! So here is all I have to say to a pissy school who can’t put any effort into recognizing hard working kids, FUCK YOU!!!!!!

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