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Posted 26th November 2008 2321

Waitresses/waiters are not your servants, they’re not of a lower class than you and it really isn’t their fault if your food isn’t up to scratch. They didn’t make it. They probably judge you based on your food choices and who you’re with, and if you don’t tip first time round, you’ll get shit service second visit.

waitressing waitering restaurant food

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Posted by God 28th November 2008

stop bitching, your life is incredibly easy - be happy to even have a job you ungrateful wretch

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

They better serve me with a smile, they are my slave until i am ready to leave. And IF, and thats a big IF, everything was satisfactory to me, then i will round up to the next dollar and let you keep the change. Got it?

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