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Walk away or Stay??


Posted 27th December 2008 39

I am in a predicament and at a hard time in my life. I am planning my future because I am about to graduate and pending an engagement. I do not know what to do if this engagement follows through and how to tell my family. I dated this boy before and yes he was a boy. Now he grew up to be a responsible man and now we realize more then ever we could possibly be meant to be. Do I follow my heart or do I listen to all my loved ones and walk away from the love of my life? sighs


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Posted by Hopefully Helpful 27th December 2008

What I would do if I was in your situation, is to just plan for yourself right now. Think of your future for yourself only and then, if this engagement does happen that is when you plan the guy to play the part and work with him then. But honestly planning for what you want to do for yourself alone is the best way to go until things are official. As for your family, if they don’t understand that things have honestly changed between you both and that your both mature enough and honestly love each other to never hurt one another then they probably don’t have enough trust or they are afraid to watch their little girl lose everything she could have had. Otherwise if you know for a fact they wont understand, beat it around the bushes by dropping hints but ONLY if there is an engagement not a hope for one.

Hopefully Helpful

Posted by Hopefully Helpful Too 28th December 2008

How can you even think of an engagement when you can’t even tell your family that you guys are back together?! Or are you back together? You just say that you ‘dated before’. Does this mean that you are dating now or have just done that ‘dated before’. I think that you should just plan your future for you now. Don’t even think about getting engaged because obviously you are not mature enough to be in a relationship period if you can’t tell your family about it.

Hopefully Helpful

Posted by Anonymous 28th December 2008

I appreciate your insight on how I should focus on myself and then start to drop hints if or when there is an engagement. Thank you again! I just really needed to get this off my chest.

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