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Wanting a second baby


Posted 19th January 2010 57

My boyfriend and I decided that we were going to have a second baby a few days ago. Previously we decided we were going to start trying in May, but I lost my medical card to pay for my b/c shots, and we hadn’t had sex in like a week because I told him I didn’t want to accidentally get pregnant like the first time, I actually wanted to try this time. So anyway, a couple of nights ago he said he was just going to go ahead and get me pregnant now and we tried that night. Yesterday, out of the blue he told me he wasn’t going to do the deed in me EVERY time, which instantly boiled my blood, because that was his way of saying that he wasn’t getting me pregnant, because obviously when you are trying, you have to do it every time! Anyway, I didn’t speak a word to him at all yesterday, until I went to bed early and woke at 2 in the morning to find that he was sleeping in the other room. I went in there and woke him and asked him if he was too good to sleep in there with me and he said yes and I said why, what did I do to you? He then said if he couldn’t have sex with me then he wasn’t sleeping in the same room with me. So I said, that’s your fault, you don’t tell me that you are going to get me pregnant just to get your rocks off and then pretty much tell me your not going to the next day, that’s bullshit! He didn’t say a word to me. This morning he tried to act like everything was A ok, but it’s not. I feel used from the other night and really hurt over the situation. I can’t believe that he would trick me like this over such a serious situation, one that he knows that I really want more than anything. I need to know what to do?

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Posted by Anonymous 24th January 2010

he really needs to explain wtf he is doing. this is a really sensitive subject and he doesn’t have the right to be an arse about it, especially if you already have a child together. this one needs some serious thought!

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