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What else could I possibly do..


Posted 17th June 2012 1528

C, I never knew I could be so proud of someone and so upset with them at the same time. Planning an entire year long trip when we have been together for two years, and not telling me about it… trying to keep me and your “band life” separate.. what is that supposed to even mean? I am the one who let you live with me for two months. I am the one who supported you when you were out to fend for yourself on the streets. I am the one who believed you would make it when every one else said you would fail. And now look at you. You ARE making it, and you decide to leave me behind in the dust?
I’m so over it.
You complained to me about spending $400 on a roadtrip that YOU wanted to go on..and you expected me to buy you cymbals in return? I paid for all of the gas. I’ve gotten you so many things for your house because you went there with NOTHING. I pay for my own gas when I drive up to see you 100 miles away, that adds up so quick and you get mad at me for not saving money. I don’t have a job where I get 40+ hours a week like you do. I can’t afford all of this. I blew up my car and I was stranded for 4 hours when I left your house once. You don’t even have your license and you get mad at me when I bring it up.
There are so many things I can go on and on about but what’s the point!
I don’t even know what to say to you any more. I should have ended things so long ago and I don’t know why I never did. I don’t know why I keep trying to make this work when I am growing up and creating myself and you don’t even care enough to tell me how you’re doing.
It’s never about me.
It’s always about you.
I’m so done.

distance boyfriend abandoned

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Posted by Sympathise 24th June 2012

From what i read, your gf has been “take take take” and yet has given nothing in return. You even say that you believed in them when no one else did and supported them in their quest for life satisfaction in a way. Where is your satisfaction? Where is your appreciation? Where is your support? I feel for you, i really do, there is nothing worse than feeling unappreciated and undervalued!!!!!!!!

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