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Posted 26th September 2011 15

When will you finally realize that I really care about you? I?m sick of being put down by your words and actions. Can you care about me?. Think about my feelings for once? I don?t like how you?re treating me. I don?t like how our relationship is like this. I am still your friend, can you give me some respect? I just want to spend a day with you. Are you really too busy to make time for me? You can?t find a single day in a week and spend some hours with me? I know your relatives came. I know this is senior year. I know you have school work. I know you have to spend time with your mom. But how about me? I?ve known you for years and we used to hang out everyday and on Saturdays. But what makes now different from a few months before? I really want to watch that movie. I dreamed of how fantastic it will be if it is just you and me watching that movie.. How I can lean on your shoulder.. How you can laugh at me for crying at a movie. Can?t you just grant my birthday wish of just spending time with just me? Do you really feel awkward with me? I guess you can call me obsessive. I can?t help it. If you just cared a little bit, I wouldn?t be this crazy and have these feelings that I want to leave this place. Maybe it?s my fault. You should know how I feel. I should tell you. I need to tell you. Just tell me you don?t love me, remind me that you don?t love me. Tell me you never had feelings for me. Tell me that these years, you never developed feelings for me. Tell me you never thought of how it feels to be with me. Tell me you never worried for me. Tell me you never cared a single bit for me. Tell me you had never thought of me. Tell me that I am wasting my tears, hope, feelings, and time for something that will never and cannot happen. Tell me to shut up and walk away from me, leaving me in the rain on my birthday.

I won?t blame you.

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