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Where do you get off


Posted 20th June 2012 38

Ok, you haven’t talked to your sister in over 6 months and now you email her and say that she is ruining your parent’s retirement? Dude really!?! You just have one side of what is happening and now you want to say that she is the one doing everything wrong. Your other sister want’s to say that I don’t know the meaning of family because my parents are divorced, but you take the cake in being an engineer and not caring about the facts. If you were really a man you would have called to ask questions before just jumping to conclusions, but instead you took the cowards way out and just sent an email. You either just don’t give a damn of what is going on in your own sister’s life or you just want to be a dumb ass. You have her number, i would suggest that you use it once in a while and call her to say hi.

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