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Why now????


Posted 13th March 2011 1619

10 years, 10 freaking years I was in love with you and you never reciprocated. You always said “We’re really good as friends”. And yes we were, you were/are the very best friend I’ve ever had. You’ve seen me through the darkest most horrible times in my life and you let me help you through yours. But we were still only friends. At any point I would have dropped everything to be with you. But no.

Now finally, FINALLY, I have this amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, loving girlfriend. Someone I can actually see a future with. Marriage, kids, two car garage (house optional) the whole nine yards. Whats more is that I’ve actually come to love her.

So naturally now is when you tell me that you’re in love with me and have been all along. NOT FAIR. I am so royally pissed at you for putting me in this position.

reciprocated love friend fair

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Posted by Anonymous 25th May 2011

So what did you decide?

Posted by Author 29th May 2011

I talked it out with my friend after I had calmed down. She said she was sorry for putting me in that situation but she had to tell me because she felt like she was losing her last chance. I explained how I love my girlfriend and how I saw a real possibility for a life with her and how it wouldn’t be fair to her to leave her like this. Also for me to do that would be a severely out of character. It would violate my personal ethics and that I would no longer be the man that I am, the man my friend fell in love with.

So I’m still with my girlfriend and still just friends with my friend. But it feels like we’re drifting apart. Which is to be expected I suppose.

Posted by Same Anonymous 6th June 2011

For what it’s worth, I think you made the right choice.

Posted by Ten ten 22nd October 2011

Just a thought, if you’ve been friends ten years then maybe thats a more stable base for building a marriage. You obviously love her and if she loves you…. well you do the math. I’m not saying dump your girlfriend and marry your friend right away. But maybe it’d be worth it to date her for a while.

Posted by Doil 3rd April 2012

I agree with ten ten. It seems like you have more to build on with your ten years friend than with the new girlfriend. It’s obvious that you love her else this would never have been an issue. I think you should dump the skank and go be with the woman you’ve loved all along.

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