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Will someone please pull this knife out of my foot?


Posted 16th January 2009 1317

Ok someone please explain this to me? Two days ago I walk into my math class happy and healthy and after sitting there for four hours….SITTING there….I get up to leave and suddenly the ball of my foot is in INCREDIBLE pain. Every step is agony. What the fuck happened??!!? As I sit here two days later it hurts even worse, and no amount of ibruprofen or hot foot soaks has done a damn bit of good. I just don’t understand how I could have hurt my foot so bad sitting on my ass for a few hours….

incredible pain foot agony

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Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

Pain is never a good sign. When the standard treatments don’t work, you should consult a doctor. It could be something like a bone spur (complete guess), and it’s best not to take the wait and see approach.

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

Trapped nerve? they hurt like fuck. if it carries on you should go to a dr, maybe a physiotherapist?

Posted by Whats to forgive or condm 25th January 2009

You got a pain. I forgive you. Take care of yourself.

Posted by The Proventer 25th January 2009

you fucked up. BIGTIME. Mustve pissed off somebody up top. you useless jerkwad.

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