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Woman Reports Unrelated Non-Profit


Posted 25th August 2017 1111

I run a non-profit horse rescue, and allow people to board a few horses with me as well. I am the sole full time worker, with a friend helping once a while for free for a couple of hours when they can. That means I get up before the sun comes up, and I leave after the sun goes down; bush hogging, drilling and tightening fences, picking up and throwing hay, ordering and stacking and sorting feed, giving out medicines, calling vets/farriers/etc., brushing, exercising, driving across country sometimes to pick up foals from kill pens, scrubbing out troughs in the mud and breaking through ice in the winter with an axe and pulling it out by hand…and I am a single mom of two, and I have Fibromyalgia. I am a NON-PROFIT. I do not make money doing this, I do this because I love these horses and I believe the abuse I see them put through is wrong and they deserve a second chance, and if the money I make through helping them and my savings is all I can do to keep them going to new homes in the end, I will do it.

And you know what happened?? A woman who boarded in my barn spouted fearful, racist, provably false remarks that I had to step in and stop right away. I can’t change someone’s beliefs, it’s a free country and she is her own person, but she is not going to say something like that in front of me or talk down to me about it and get away with it. I was not rude, I just said it was not right and that we should keep from spreading fear and hatred. I guess she did not get over that.

She moved her horses away and called the cops and the USDA on me without warning, talking down to my other guests like they were stupid. She told the police that the horses had no food, water, or shelter. And here they come to find a barn full of hay, chest freezers stuffed with grain, stalls with fans and buckets, pastures of grass and more hay and huge troughs, and access to a pond and a creek.

What a waste of their time! Does she think I have a business license and farm insurance without having regular inspections done? Does she think I have people and animal professionals in and out of here everyday not saying a word if something was wrong? How awful!

Now she is still blowing my phone up, AND my friends and family’s phones and social media pages! What on Earth is her problem!

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