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You Suck!


Posted 27th January 2012 1016

you suck the life out of our city with your midnight shouting at the moon, your horribly untalented street performances, your incessant begging, and the way you take, take, take and still ask for more without thinking once about giving back. when i saw you back at the bus stop (your home?) yesterday, i was so disappointed. i had hoped you had been arrested for your stupid mistakes. or that you had left town for good this time, giving those of us who work and live around the mess that is currently your life a break from you. watching you and your group of welfare parasites litter my community with your special kind of entitled crazy is wearing on me. today i daydreamed about giving out some of the tainted street drugs that are killing people around here. yes, i dreamed of you being dead. it made me feel better.

crazy homeless welfare parasite street drugs

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