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You are way too high on yourself


Posted 3rd July 2010 1815

Sometimes I miss having a best friend, but most of the time I just want to go over to you and punch you in your ugly face. When we were friends there would be times when we were talking to our friends and I would tell them something that happened to me and you would interrupt and say “oh no one needs to hear this story again” when the only person I told was you, then you would start up your own story when I know for a fact that everyone had heard it more times than I can count, but you just like to hear yourself talk don’t you?
You also lie just so you can get what you want, whether that was to look cool or get money from you father. You said you never lied to me but I think you lied to me the most, about the three/four of us being “special”, that some of our friends said that they would take me away from you (please you just didn’t want me to hang out with them unless you were around). You also thought that you were the go to person when it came to sex, please you had never actually had sex and I am pretty sure that if you actually saw a penis(to this day as well) that you would have no idea what to do with it.
I am pretty sure you just kept me around so that you could feel better about yourself, I mean one day where I got outside in nice clothes(you actually complimented me, though you still had to add yourself into that somehow), then you ask me to go out with you the next day just so you could doll yourself up and look better than me.
And yeah sure maybe I met my boyfriend because of you, but just because of that that doesn’t mean that you can say to me “I brought you two together, I can tear you two apart”, please he didn’t even like you. Which brings me to my next topic, you thought EVERYONE liked you, you were so far from wrong, people were nice to you when you were around, but they were absolutely horrible to you when you weren’t, honestly I felt embarrassed for you sometimes. Seriously nobody outside of a few actual friends cared if you were on the pill (trust me they didn’t think you were having sex), or if you had so many hits on youtube or whatever.
Honestly you were never the best thing to grace this earth, you weren’t even that good of a best friend, I tried to be there for you but there is only so much arrogance one person can take.

arrogance stupid annoying friends liars

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