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Your Dead Girlfriend

Posted 22nd November 2011 14

You’re always telling me how great I am. You married me. We are great together. But the common thread that draws all our problems together is that I really don’t think you’re ready to move on. I think if you’d met me first, I would be exactly what you want. But without realizing it, you do things that show me that you can’t ever fully commit to me. It’s been years and you say that of course you are ready to move on. But you’re not. We have intimacy issues because you still feel like you’re screwing her over by being with me. You don’t think of me as an awesome, intelligent, sexy person like plenty of other people do, because SHE was your awesome, intelligent, sexy ideal, and I’m not her. I won’t ever be. You say you really want this and that you don’t compare us. But I can feel that you do. How could you not? So clearly the only solution here is for you to stop pretending that I’m what you want, and for me to to just forget I ever met you.

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