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You’re tearing me apart

Posted 1st May 2011 65

A month ago I posted about a “best” friend who I am deeply in live with. Over this month I tried so hard to tell myself that I don’t like him. Right now I don’t even know if I really like him. Is it because he’s always with me and I feel like I don’t have any other guy friends that can replace him? Well…. A few weeks ago I planned on to give up and accept the fact that I like him. I tried to play hard to get… Which was a fail. Tonight is prom but we planned to attend next years prom. I asked him what happens if I asked him to prom and he said I better make a big event when I ask him. Well, today SOMEHOW his point of view changed when I asked him again what happens if I asked him to prom. He said he’ll reject me. Thanks for playing with my feelings. Now, I am trying to convince myself that you’re a jerk and I don’t like you. When will I stop liking you? What do you want from me? You already have my heart and own the river of my tears. Please…. I just want this to end…

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Posted by Anonymous 3rd May 2011

Posted by Anonymous 18th May 2011

Thanks Anonymous. That made me laugh :)

Posted by scarlet rays 3rd April 2012

I had the same problem with the guy I liked. I think under no circumstances are you to ever ask a boy out! I know that sounds old fashioned but you take the fun out of it. Imagion if he wanted to ask you and you beat him to it. Lame!!! My sister did this and it didn’t end well he accepted and then bailed and luckly someone else asked her. I say start over find someone new. In my experiance this is what I do and it has worked three times. hint and encourage alot but never straight out say,will you go with me. Just keep bringing prom up in conversation and he will start thinking about prom and then associating that with you cas you always bring it up and BAM you have a date! Playing hard to get never works either tried that and I failed. Just be happy and yourself it is the only way to be happy I think. DON’T BE A PUPPY! eg if he goes and gets a drink or starts talking to someone without you it is okay and you don’t have to be constantly with him. DON’T BE CLINGY!

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