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aaaaarghn parents!!


Posted 22nd September 2011 1323

my dad is an alcoholic, who at every moment finds a way of insulting me or making some kind of snipy comment…. we go through stages of not talking - usually because now I’m 25 I refuse to be spoken to rudely, and since I’ve had depression for 10 years now because of him I figure it’s better for my health. I now live over 200 miles away, we haven’t spoken since probably january/feb this year.

my grandparents think I am out of order and stand by him all sympathetic - even when he put me through years of utter hell - nice one minute, telling me he wants to kill me the next… that becoming a single parent to me ruined his life blah blah (dragged me through the house by my hair when I was fifteen!)

so yeah the other day I got told he has a growth on his lung (he’s smoked FOREVER) and I was like “fair enough, well i hope he’s ok, and if not that it all happens as painlessly as possible”

so today I get a voicemail on my phone from my dad saying “call me because I’m going into hospital for tests tomorrow and want to talk about it. You’re obviously too busy to speak to me [sarcastic tone] and i don’t have your great intellect [more sarcasm] to use the internet. so ring me”

Which to be honest pisses me off!
I know he has a CT scan to do with this growth, because someone has already told me, and said they’d keep me posted…

I don’t want to seem harsh, like not calling him to be bitter - that isn’t why - it’s more to do with the fact he’s called me about something serious and yet still can’t not be snipy and vicious… and I refuse to tolerate it! (and it would probably end with an argument)

arrrgh…. just need a rant!!

alcoholism cancer arguments depression parents

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