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complete opposites

Posted 8th July 2012 45

You just don’t get it, you don’t understand it, you don’t relate to it, but you don’t know any better. You come from parents who are together, and teach you right. I come from a divorced, dysfunctional family. It seems like nothing ever went wrong in your life, and every thing went wrong in mine. What happens if i tell you all the things that i’ve done, that my mom has done, what i’ve been through, what my siblings have been through? You will think it’s crazy….will you run off? Why are some peoples lives so perfect, and others so not. I guess everything happens for a reason right? Maybe his life is perfect to show me that it is possible to have a functional family. Maybe mine is crazy to show him that not every ones life is perfect. But how could to completely different backgrounds fall in love with each other?

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Posted by Jenna 19th July 2012

Everyone’s lives are different. Don’t let his family make you think other wise if he loves you enough he will stay no matter how dysfunctional your family may be. Ignore that whole factor of life. Make yours & his your first priority & thought. Not your family. Believe me I doubt he’ll run.

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