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dumbshit bf dont understand me at all @!#$


Posted 6th December 2011 110

You know i really do like you, i?m trying to be the fcking best gf i can be. But you know it really hurts. You blow hot and then cold. you show me youre the best bf ever when youre with me but, when you?re away? i like never hear from you. When i do hear from you, you take fuckin 6 hours to msg back a freggin hai. It was different in the begginning of the relationship. You;re the fucking same like every other guy. I hatechu!! I?m tired of this. I know if i keep waiting, youll show that best bf side of you again. But i hate waiting for it. If you hadnt msged me every single minute of the day in the begginning of the relationship i wouldnt fcking expect anything , but now i do. and its FUUUUSTRAATTING QQ cause you dont msg back enough. Im a freggin emotional teeen and i cant wait to feeel mature and not have time to obsess over a msg. but i cant help it. This is all your fault. You shower me with your fucking ? youre my priority? ? ill try my hardest? FUCKING BULLSHIT. you liaaaarrrr. you dont even do shit anyymore. DONT even saaaay its cause hmwrk or work. because YOU NEVER DO HMWRK you fucking failing cause you keep playing your worthless games and watching stupid episodes all day. and your fcking internet porn and gogo dancers. Im fucking waaay more busier than you are. but i still wanna see you, i spend all my freee time that i have with you. you may have feelings for me but not as strong as i have. ofc youll never know, im not gonna embarass myself telling that for someone like you. Even tho you had stronger feelings for me in the begginning, its vice versa now. and it fcking huuuurrrts. im the one trying here. i always feel like im trying. No i dont like telling you how i feel. i dont care if you wont know. better you dont understand than having me explain how i feel because id feel dumb and yes i have alot pf pride. you dont understand me???.i?d alway bring up the question? should i stay or should i leave.. do you care enough for me to stay or if i left would you want me back. you tell me? you dont want to see me with another guy. .. you ask is that not good enough??. i didnt say anything. but yes, thats not good enough. just because you dont want to see me with another guy doesnt mean you care?about me. youre just selfish. so i shouldn?t be with you. you?re not the one for me right? Because if you were. you?d try harder right? too bad.. we were eachother?s first everything.

stupid boyfriend don?t understand shit

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Posted by Vilified 16th December 2011

I almost never say this.. But seriously, you need to get over it..

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