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ex boyfriends


Posted 20th October 2013 415

you are a pathetic piece of shit, and i can’t believe the stuff you put up online that most of the time i just roll my eyes. but sometimes you really gross me out, were you always this disgusting and perverted and shallow? hell, i’ve known you for six years and you seem like a whole new person! but thats not why i’m here, when you post shit about me online, even without mentioning it is directed towards me, i know and everyone who knows you knows that its about me bc you’ve been with one girl for six mother fucking years!!!, it bothers me because you are dragging my name through the dirt online for people who we know to see! and today you mention stuff about nudes? really? what the fuck is your problem? you are so selfish and disrespectful, and may god watch over you because if i EVER see you on the street and you say hi to me, i will fucking flip you off and cuss you out fucker because you are a piece of shit. how dare you do this to me, we ended on the best terms possible, i didnt cheat on you, or anything, i just grew out of the relationship, sorry!!!! what do you want me to do? cry you a river and stay by your side miserable for ever, i dont fucking think so. i tried to be civil and i paid my dues to set things right for us, but what you did…was beyond fucked up. and this is something i can never forgive. never. i hope yu find someone as shallow and controlling and pathetic as you so you get exactly what you want and deserve. dont ever come to me for anything because i wont be here to help, i wont give one fuck!

asshole angry boyfriend

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