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fuck this summer


Posted 29th June 2009 89

i am just really really tired of it being summer having no school or order to my life. yesterday i slept from 2PM to 10PM and now i am only awake when others are not. It really pisses me off. Plus i am just a little bit overweight and due to that i cant get a fucking girlfiend no matter how hard i try or how my personality is. it really makes me mad so anorexia and strenuous exersize here i come i dont care if i die it might be for the better

fuck life

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Posted by StraightEdge StraightTalk 21st July 2009

Dude…………get a hobby or join a gym or something. Play an instrument rather than contemplating suicide over not pulling a few slags down an alleyway by the Off Licence. You’ve gotta work on your self esteem and confidence first. Then you’ll be fine.

Buy Men Healths mag or Fitness First. They’ll tell you how to lose weight safely. I’m built like a tank thanks to those publications. Chin up dude

Posted by wow 3rd August 2009

sign up to a dating site x

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