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fu@*&%k dating


Posted 11th July 2010 1715

I’ve been very single, and very happy for almost a year. I been concentrating on many things that have enabled me to advance in my career. I had a bad break up last August, and I’ve been concentrating on bettering myself ever since. I hadn’t consciously made a decision to date or not. I finally decided that I’m open to the idea of dating. I was very happy to meet a guy at this bar that my friends and i went to. We hung out, went to another bar, i paid for the cab and drinks, basically because i always reach for my wallet, and noone exactly stopped me. So this guy seemed super cool. Next thing i know, he says goodbye and leaves.

Suddenly, I felt an unfamiliar pang in my stomach. I had literally opened myself to rejection. It made me literally sick.

No reason, to EVER entertain the idea of a romantic prospect. It feels so bad to be rejected, that i prefer to not subject myself to such a possible outcome.

Happy to be single in my 30s, and would rather declare myself perpetually single, as opposed to being exposed to rejection every week.

love sucks

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