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Posted 6th May 2011 55

okay, so I’m a pretty pleasant person and I try to get along with everyone. but this stupid BITCH who’s constantly miserable for reasons idefk, well actually maybe it has something to do with her having no ‘real’ life, only a virtual one. But every time I talk to her she’s always miserable as hell to me (and only me!), and I’m pretty laid back so I just ignore it and don’t let it get to me i don’t like starting shit. So today she was miserable (big surprise) and just decided to take it out on me (as always), but I was having a shitty day as it was so I just fkn exploded, and that stupid fkn bitch couldn’t even fricken stand up for herself! Her stupid fkn friend got all up in it calling me a fkn ‘douchebag’ .. really bitch? this has nothing to do with you stfu. But seriously, I’ve never done anything to her. I think she’s just mad at me cuzzz I have a life? (you know besides ranting on anonymous websites) I really do go outside I swear LOL and maybe she’s mad at me because she’s a fkn loser, who can’t get a bf. HMM don’t know why bitch maybe if you lightened the fuck up!!!

This is a note to all you people who read this. DON’T fkn be nice, it will just get you PISSED OFF!!!!

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