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hate life rant…


Posted 13th August 2009 810

i hate that all my friends do shit without me, and they know that i’m home doing nothing. Its not like i have anything for them to not like about, i make them laugh all the time, im not bad looking either. I get the impression that some of my friends even have a grudge against me or something. I would invite them over to my house by my parents dont stop checking in on me, IM 17!

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Posted by Anonymous 27th August 2009

You need a new group of friends. =/

Posted by some 18 year old boy 1st September 2009

find a best mate, stick by him/her, if they fuck off
they aint worth it.
always stick by my best mate, my best mate is all i have, and hes not even here hes in the army, but i know hes there through and through…

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