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hate my stupid family..and everything else


Posted 11th March 2010 38

why cant you just leave me in peace? i hate my stupid ass-hole father, who can’t even go a day without lecturing me. he should get a life and mind his own fucking business. thanks to you idiots, i barely have any life, im just stuck at home all day doing nothing. you never encourage me, and only find ways to criticize me or lower my self esteem. i CANNOT wait until i get to go to college and leave you dumb-ass morons behind. from then on, i will leave and never look back. you can forget about me caring for you when you don’t even raise me properly. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU BOTH.

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Posted by Anonymous 11th March 2010

ah…typical teenage angst. Condemned.

Posted by Wow … 14th March 2010

Dude … not cool. You sound EXACTLY like my sister. They’re just protecting you from this harsh world. I know it seems like crap but things will get better soon :/

Posted by Anonymous 25th January 2011

I used to be like that. Now I thank my parents.
If I knew then what I know now…

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