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hi all alway been my dream to have a been

Posted 6th November 2009 810

hi iam 36 what to have a baby it s alway been my dream my boyfriend doesnt because hes be there it s making me down really and up set what should i do

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Posted by StraightEdge StraightTalk 8th December 2009

Two things you need to do lady;

A) Learn to think for yourself. Be stronger and more self assured. You should already be at 36

B) Dump him and find a guy who shares your sentiment when it comes to making a family. Unless you prick his condoms before sex, you can’t force him to impregnate you

Hope you find the happiness and family you’re after

Posted by anonymous 22nd December 2009

Ditch him. Trust me. You’ll end up in a court room because he hasn’t paid child support in a year. Someone that doesn’t want kids will only resent the person who gave them the kids - that would be you. So not worth it. Find someone who wants a family.

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