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Posted 6th June 2010 1614

I really am sick of girls who (in a group of friends that my boyfriend hangs out in) dress like hoes everytime they go out and take skanky pictures with legs spread open with girls faces in their crotch, grinding everyone and dancing provocitively…there seems to be one bitch in particular that is always hanging all over everyone, including my boyfriend…u think i want to see her ass all in my boyfriends crotch with her booty shorts and hooker heels? I guess its just too fun to act like the group slut!

slut hoes bitch

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Posted by Anonymous 11th July 2010

Absolutely feeling your pain here, unfortunately yours is not the only story like this.

The worst part about it, is that if you confront the guy and/or hoes, they’ll get very defensive, act like what they’re doing is normal and that you’re overreacting. Basically, they will find a way of twisting their disrespectful, whorey behaviour into them being the victims and you being ‘bitchy’ because people don’t like being called out when they’re doing something awful.

Do yourself a favour, dump his ass and find yourself someone who will treat you with RESPECT, because it is DISRESPECTFUL for him to act this way with these friends of his. If he really wanted them to stop, he could ask them and they would (since they’re friends right), but I bet he wouldn’t. Stupid boys who think they can have their cake and eat it too need to learn!

Gah! This one hit very close to home! Hope you get a resolution soon!!!

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