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i can’t say it


Posted 30th November 2008 1518

It’s been a year since I first met you. We have such chemistry together. Sex with you is so damn good. AND, I know you are not the monogamous type….

You tell me im your favorite. You tell me you love this and that about me. Then you ask me what I love about you. I get it. you want to hear me say, “I love you”, don’t you? The truth is, I do, just that i won’t say it… cause that’s like me surrendering…pleading…to have you. And i know you like the chase. And i know Im not done with you yet…. BUT i love you….i have said it over and over again in my head…i love you so much…. why cant you be the monogamous type??

chemistry monogamous favorite surrendering pleading

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Posted by Anonymous 16th January 2009

Sweetie if its been a year you need to let him go. like the saying goes. “If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you its ment to be, if not it never was.” If you want him to odo tht for you. Show him what its like without you for awhile and then maybe he will get it. Good luck : )

Posted by Daddy 28th January 2009

If the sex is good just say i love you, its worth it.

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