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i hate my husbands family


Posted 23rd July 2014 210

hate my husbands family. They are Jehovah Witnesses who I’ve tried to grin and bare their presence but still deep down I actually hate them all. lol!!

I dont trust this woman what so ever. She was mean to me before my husband and I got married and had our daughter now she tries to play all nice and concerned miss me with the bull crap. She is always so dramatic when she texts me and I’m just like whatever but I entertain it for my husbands. When we went to visit she was “nice” but for some reason i didn’t feel it was genuine. I hope she never moves anywhere near us cause I will lose it. Plus she complains about my husbands dad like her ass didn’t marry him and keep having kids by him up until like 5 kids and 13 yrs ago. you must not dislike him too much cause she kept bussing it open for a nut and letting him live with you.

The man is cool but he is a snake. He is really nice and funny on the surface but I know he has motives by the stuff my husband has told me he’s said behind closed doors. I don’t necessarily hate him all that much he is just such a dang bully that its annoying.

She got pregnant and 19 and ran through 3 guys including her baby daddy before she trapped some young ass 20 yr old lil boy into marrying her so he wouldn’t be fully kicked out of the kingdom hall for soliciting penis to girls at other halls. The whole reason he almost got kicked out is because she let him finger her or some sexual isn and he confessed about it. They only knew each other like less than a year and they both had just got out of relationships before “dating” and eventually got married. LIKE WHO DOES THAT! She uneducated, unmotivated, horrible mother, trash. She is jealous of my husband and I so honestly every chance I get to rub it in her face that we are better than her I do. She wanted to take her 4 yr old to Disney world but they are broke and can’t afford it so I decided for our 1 yr anniversary we are going to Disney world. I know its petty but the closer it gets to the trip the happier I am so I can social media rub it in her face that she is a cheap knock off who will only amount to a place for stray semen. My husband and I attend concerts, we travel, are happy and her miserable ass is somewhere with her child groom looking dumb. After we got married stayed in a $1000 honeymoon suite for 4 days. After she got married they scrapped up money for a motel to go have sex and the next morning she came back to live with her mom. Did I mention she just left her child at home so she could go sucks some balls in a motel… yeah. that happened.
she is cool but so basic. but its like how can you be 21 going on 22 with no education working at a burger joint living with your mother and other siblings trying to be a firefighter in a place that doesn’t ever have fires cause its a big city and letting a dude who lives with his grandmother t have sex with you. She dresses cheap and her aspiration is to be a celebrity and move to cali. its like where is the reality? the lack of parenting is very prevalent. She drinks and goes to clubs gets wasted and such on her burger joint job money and its more sad than anything. she deserves better but coming from where she is its highly unlikely she won’t need up pregnant by some loser.
we had beef before but the last time i went to visit it was basically squashed. I guess i just have a issue with the lack of ambition and structure in his family. she has been working a lil job at a clothing store but she spends all her money on makeup and weaves. she dresses trashy, cheap and basic and she wears makeup every day. too bad she only has one look she ever does on her face but she’ll do instagram where she is a “sensation” a favor and throw on a different lip color. She dates some fat hood booger who attends this hood booger college where he is likely cheating on her with the many sleazy and easy girls at the school. She wants to go to beauty school but doesn’t want to work at a cosmetics counter yet doesn’t want to save the 1000 dollars she needs for tuition to school. sounds like a plan.

she complained about not being able to attend our wedding but the last time I saw her she walked on the other side of the street as me and didn’t speak. so I’m like ?? where did you think I would be interested in you attending my wedding. When we went to visit she tried to get me to attend kingdom hall and that was a hell no. Plus she acted all stand off isn and stuff and it was super annoying and awkward. its like girl find you a man and some slim fast and get your life. all the antics are not needed.

He has more family and they aren’t too bad they have their own lil quirks like every one does. And honestly maybe the family member I have issues with aren’t so bad. They just really aren’t my cup of tea and thats fine. But I gotta deal with them and put on a happy face.

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