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i want surgery


Posted 25th November 2008 37146

if i decide not to go to college after i finish high school, i’m going to use all the money my family has been saving up & use it on plastic surgery instead, if I can do that.

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Posted by Disgusted 25th November 2008

That’s a terrible idea. You plan on marrying a rich man, too?

Posted by seriously. 27th November 2008

go to college.

Posted by livlie 27th November 2008

got to WILL gain confidence and good looks

Posted by God 27th November 2008

Thats the worst idea I have heard in forever. I’ve heard some pretty stupid ones too. If you don’t want to educate yourself, try moving to Thailand and whoring yourself to rich CEOs who will be wanting to take a dump on that pretty face you’ll be getting.

Posted by Anonymous 28th November 2008

If you decide not to go to college, don’t even think about asking your family for the money they’ve been saving for your education. I’m sure they’ve had to make many sacrifices to save that money for school and you have no right to be selfish and waste it on plastic surgery!

Posted by Hard Corps 28th November 2008

Dont listen to all these negative jerks. If you want to improve yourself, you go right ahead. I’ve always said that the best thing a woman can do for herself is get bigger tits. Good luck!

Posted by go to fucking college 30th November 2008

without a college education you have the same skills as a 2nd grader

Posted by im your peach 30th November 2008

yeah, you need to be disowned…shame on you

Posted by Anonymous 15th December 2008

What a horrible idea, is somebody going to have to force-feed you some common sense?

Posted by Dr.666 16th December 2008

wow. thats reassuring to know that youll be adding yourself to the ever growing populous of shallow parasites on the ass of american society.

congratulations you fucking idiot.

Posted by Becile 16th December 2008

Good on your girl, don’t listen to these negative prats.

Posted by Anonymous 17th December 2008

You are a tit.

Wait, that was a bit harsh………

……No, I was right. You are a tit.

Posted by how inane 16th January 2009

In the words of Ron White: “In a few years, when your boobs start sagging, you can get plastic surgery, have them lifted, move the nipple wherever. If your belly gets too big, you can get a tummy tuck and have a belly like a cheerleader. If your vision goes bad, you can have LASIK surgery and have 20/20 vision. If your hearing goes bad, they can install a device in your ear that will give you hearing as clear as it was the day you were born. But let me tell you something, folks: You can’t fix stupid. There’s not a pill you can take; there’s not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.”

Posted by Clint Eastwood 17th January 2009

Just fucking kill yourself instead.

Posted by Disgusted 18th January 2009

Pathetic. You’d better be trolling. If not, I hope your fucking parents disown your superficial ass.

Posted by Now a pill to fix stupid 25th January 2009

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

I think its a great idea. First of all you got your horrible looks from your family, so i think they should pay for your plastic surgery. Secondly i think that once you improve on those looks you will meet a lot of wealthy men, so why go to college? You can always host your own drunken orgies.

Posted by AnastaciaBeaverhousen 31st March 2009

Go for it! Life isnt worth living till your rack’s the size of Texas!!

Posted by Anonymous 11th April 2009


Posted by Anonymous 21st May 2009

why dont u go to college get a job then save up for plastic surgery, not just be some spoilt little kid!

Posted by Anonymous 29th May 2009

Do it
You’re probs not gonna listen to random peeps on internet.
who cares?

Posted by hey 11th March 2010

don’t listen to these negative comments. if you want to improve your looks go for it!

Posted by Anonymous 11th April 2010

hah wow yea this was posted almost two years ago and i wonder if u already went rhough with it. if u havent just please dont be stupid and at least use the money for something uselful. and u really haven gone through with it. i hope it was botched

Posted by jess 7th May 2010

thats fuckin stupid
eny one how said you should do this is fuckin stupid
wiy would you wanna be some ones pet
i hate girls like you

Posted by Anonymous 28th May 2010

you bitch

Posted by Anonymous 13th March 2011

You are one dumb bitch, that’s for sure.

Posted by Anonymous 13th June 2011

if you go to college…you can get a good job…and afford more than just a boob job.

Posted by gawd 5th June 2013

Use the money and get surgery.. im sure breast removal and making yourself look like a man is what you intended by saying surgery. start talking in a deep voice and feel good about yourself strutting around like a dude. grabbing your junk once in a while. steroids help with hair growth and muscle tone, i hear it also grows a certain appendage to male status.. Good Luck to you Honey! or should i say Sir!

Posted by Anonymous 24th June 2016

Definately shouldn’t

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