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i wish i knew….


Posted 10th January 2012 1413

whats really funny is that i was happy with everything i had until you showed up and made me want something i couldn’t have you fucked up my life so much showed me what it was to fall in love then you mess with my mind knowing what your doing to me i have never felt like such a piece of shit until you showed up i also never felt so in love what is it that draws me to you even though your the worst thing i can have in my life those times we weren’t lying to each other with no one around to hide what we feel from does it matter what they know?does your pride in friends matter?whats it with you i cant understand there must be something that i cant see that i cant feel that cant know that’s got you trapped in a world i don’t want to know….

showed couldn fucked knowing matter friends

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Posted by Anonymous 9th February 2012

its trust its the lack of wanting to put yourself out there to be hurt you now know what it feels like to be loved count that as a blessing and know that it will come again. love hurts but the fact that something exists that can draw emotions this strong out of you is the evidence in itself that someday everything will be ok

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