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im lonely are you?


Posted 26th April 2009 711

im 18 soon
still single
still lonely
one gf in my whole life
childish it was
need someone so badly. :(
i have no one
‘best mate’ isnt here
game over for that, just need a ’someone’

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Posted by Anonymous 27th April 2009

Give it time

Posted by Anonymous 27th April 2009

Omg Grow up
Your only young some people never find anyone to love

Posted by Anonymous 27th April 2009

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet overrrrrrrrrrrrr it!!

Posted by Anonymous 28th April 2009

Marry your right hand then

Posted by Anonymous 5th June 2009

Dont Be Nasty Jus Give It Timee And Things Will Start Lookin Up Im 17 And Thought The Samee As Yuu And Now Ive Met Some Lovely People And Made Some Relee Good Friendships With Them I Knoo Ya Lookin For More But Who Knows Well Known Fact That Sometimes The Best Realationships Aree Right Under Ya Nose x

Posted by Anonymous 5th June 2009

Oh probs a waste of time you even being alive. If i was you id hang myself and just be dont with life, yours is obv not worth living (Y)

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