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i’m not mentally ill.


Posted 12th September 2010 55

i make myself throw up sometimes. it’s not an illness. i’m not diseased. i just know i’m very fat and if i over do it on the food it makes me feel better to throw some of it up. no one knows this about me..

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Posted by Sound through the silence 22nd September 2010

I’m not here to call you sick–but am going to tell you as someone who has lost a friend to bulimia and anorexia, stop. What you are doing is dangerous for a number of reasons. Stomach acid can ruin your teeth and cause holes to be burned, yes burned, through your esophagus. Your bones will weaken, you will become anemic and possibly die.

Would you rather be hot, or dead?

If you are uncomfortable with your body then lose weight the healthy way–through diet and exercise.

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