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insanity wood


Posted 17th January 2009 1717

people in alabama apparently don’t know china used to be communist. has the world touched the insanity wood?

alabama dumbass china communist insanity wood fail

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Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

…insanity wood? wood thats insane? I’ve neverheard of this phenomenon

Posted by Anonymous 18th January 2009

you should look up insanity wood on google images

Posted by Anonymous 18th January 2009

woah, thats a scary picture!

Posted by use to? 25th January 2009

Umm… China is STILL communist. It has been since like the 1920’s. I’m kinda shocked and saddened that the internet didn’t correct you 50,000 times already and I’m the one who has to do it.

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