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life is a b*tch


Posted 28th January 2012 14

I met this guy 5 months ago on a dating web site and we?ve been cool every since. About two months ago he told me he waned more than just fwb and so did I but at the same time I didn?t take him serious n I wanted to avoid getting hurt. With that being said I didn?t wanna fully open up so in my eyes we were still fwb. Not to mention he lives about hr away from me and a state away. Being friends on fb n seeing women throw themselves at him n him occasionally making comments that made me think other wise, I just didn?t take him serious about him wanting to make me his girl. I then met this other guy a week ago and everything was going well. He texted/called me everyday unlike the previous guy but we agreed on being fwb which I was cool with since Im kinda afraid of having a emotion attachment to any guy. So we met up and ended up having sex. After that we just chilled and watch tv. While we were chilling I guess he got a txt about his ex tryna talk to his best friend. So he calls her up n curses her out n then gets off the phone n gets my opinion on the situation but he says his best friend?s name. My heart drops after that bc lil did I know the previous guy I was with is his best friend.smdh I started to just leave but I ended up asking him his motives for meeting me n ironically he just hit me up not knowing anything at all so I told him about his bf. He called him n told him what happen n shyt just got crazy. That situation made me realize how much I really do care about the previous guy and I never meant to hurt him like that or hook up with his bf. I feel horrible but I didn?t know he cared so much about me until then. Now to add fuel to the fire when I was with his friend I didnt bother to use protection like a dumb ass but I told him I wasn?t on birth control so when we had sex he decided to not to listen and came inside me. Then he had the nerve to say o well now u might b pregnant and you?ll have to move with me so I could b pregnant by his best friend. My life I tell u is a soup opera. Super stressed now bc I tried to avoid getting hurt bit hurt someone else in the process.

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