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life sucks

Posted 22nd January 2012 1614

life fucking sucks. but what do i know, i’m manic depressive. but see this is why it sucks. I get one life to live and my brain is fucked up. I can’t be a normal fucking person. I get one chance to be a human on this planet and for some reason out of my control my mind is broken. I hate to say it but my country sucks, everyone is fucking greedy and stupid. The worst thing about my country is people don’t even realize they are greedy and stupid. They think they are the best and have reasons justifying every stupid thing that happens. People would be like “if you don’t like it, leave.” Well lets see, you greedy fucking assholes leave me penniless and since i can’t walk to another country I have NO FUCKING MONEY TO LEAVE. I’d love to leave this fucking terrorist nation of idiots. I’m off topic. Whatever life sucks. I can go on all day but that’d just be making my life shittier than it is.

fucking depressive fucked normal person chance planet reason control broken country

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