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Posted 13th February 2012 05

Rooming with a really socially awkward roommate. Hey, she said she could pay rent, and that’s all I cared about when looking, you know? She didn’t have any friends as she was new to the area, I thought she was just shy and would eventually come out of her shell. But no, she’s decided to start acting EXACTLY. LIKE. ME. It’s freakin’ me out! Everything I like, she now likes. She’s started dressing like me (she used to wear graphic tees all the time, whereas I try to dress a little more professionally.) She’s even started saying she’s allergic to the same things I am (No, soy allergies AREN’T that common.) Example, my other roommate, the problem roomy, and I decide to grab a quick bite a burger king tonight; on my way there, I say I’m going to get a chocolate shake. Problem roomy says it’s silly to order one because it’s so cold, but lo and behold, when we get to BK she orders first and orders a chocolate shake. Now, you could say it’s just coincidental, maybe me talking about it made her want one, but after I ordered (NOT getting a shake) and got my food, problem roomy asks if I got a shake; I say no, and she immediately throws hers out. Then she says “Oh, I just remembered that I really didn’t want one.” I’m seriously freaking out.

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