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Posted 20th December 2011 08

I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people? I can understand not clicking with somebody and just wanting to get the fuck on, trust me I get that! But who the fuck raised you? I mean honestly! Fucking meth-head redneck motherfuckers I’d wager! Isn’t there any little nugget inside you that says “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be taking out any anger on people who haven’t earned it”? What excatly is that shit about? How can you sleep at night? How can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning knowing that you’ve been a complete unwarrented asshole to someone who didn’t deserve it? And all simply because someone else did that to you! You pass it along like that and then you LAUGH about it… don’t you see what you let them do to you? You’re a fucking MONSTER! Negative attention better than none at all? Is that it, you fucking coward? Why is your default setting “better” when dealing with others? Even if you are don’t you think acting like that cancels it out? You don’t think at all is what I’m betting; you simply react reflexively and think that somehow makes you “pure” or “untainted”! Truth is your just a fucking juvenile tool, same as the one who did it to you! Pass it along like the brainless robot you are!

evil fucking redneck troll motherfuckers laugh imagine enlightened

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