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me me me…I’M SICK OF IT


Posted 11th January 2009 1824

how do you get through and tell someone that they are being self centered, and all they talk about is themselves. you tell them something about you and they feel like its a battle for something so they have to say something thats better or worse depending on what your talking about? How d you tell them, yo, seriously there are other people besides you here. Lets hear about them, or w.e. ugh its just so frustrating. if you gotta problem and your trying to leak it out to them because they are your friend and they sit there and what do they do BRING IT BACK TO THEM. I’m having guy issues, or i feel insecure about how I look, I tell my best friend, what does she do, back to her!! Its like seriously, i’m always there to hear about your life, but when i want you to take some time and consideration you..its just like it goes in one ear and out the other…

What do I do?
Frustrated and Annoyed

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Posted by Tilde 18th January 2009

There are many reasons that people act, or appear to act, self centered. I was once accused of doing something like what you’ve described. I would try to relate to my friend through events in my life whenever she opened up to me to prove that I understood how she felt, but she believed I was being narcissistic. If this friend is important to you, then you simply need to communicate your feelings. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to bottle up how you feel, because eventually it will pour out and nothing good can come from that. However, I cannot stress enough that you need to avoid attacking the person (i.e. saying, “stop being self centered!”). Instead, bring up the topic by calmly saying, “I feel like you don’t care about the things that I tell you” or something like that to communicate how you feel. If he/she is a true friend, you’ll have a good conversation and quite possibly learn something you didn’t know before while improving the relationship at the same time.

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