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opinionated much?


Posted 11th December 2008 1620

I’m starting to believe my open personality is getting the best of me. I used to be quiet and shy up until high school, but it all seriously started seeming like it was most out of hand when I went my own way in college. I’m just getting this feeling that I’m to honest with people or let things get to the best of me. I know everyone has their moments where they do stupid things or have bad judgment’s. I mean even I do myself, but in the end I think that my opinions and what I thought were strengths in the battles of honesty, it starting to consume me to a point where it seems harsh and brutal…I don’t know why…You would think having an honest opinion would be something good, of course within the context and time that its said…But I think I’m just to honest, but at the same time there is so much crap going on…I feel so stressed out and I can’t take it anymore..I don’t understand the way the people around me function, and I feel like some aren’t as honest as they should be so I noticed I take it into my own hands and say it..I feel pathetic but I can understand a bit knowing how I used to be so sweet (which I mean I am still sweet and kind I love going out of my way for my friends to this day) but I had people walk over me all the time because of it back in middle and high school…I guess the course of how people treat you in the end it’s going to reflect upon you in the end isn’t it? In the end I can believe its just the stress bomb dropped upon me with those around me…What do I do?

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