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pissed at my boss


Posted 15th May 2011 75

my boss hired this mexican chick, she’s not even that good looking. now he only pays attention to her. he gives her all his attention, and i’m just supposed to sit at my desk. if i go talk to him, he sends me back to my desk. when she goes and talks to him, it is long conversations, and discussions, and everything.

i mean, first she’s a mexican. second, she doesn’t even have any tits or anything. third, she’s so small that when he fucks her she can’t even come up to his shoulders. i bet he has to put her on top, or sit on his lap or something, like she’s tiny and he’s a big man. i can take him, but she can’t. and i know, cause i’ve fucked him, he doesn’t cum when your riding him, he needs to ride you hard to cum.

what pisses me off more is that he just dumped me for a stupid mexican. i’m way better looking and even if i say so myself, i have great tits and i know how to fuck him. and now he’s fucking her, i can tell from the look in her eyes when they come back from lunch or a meeting. he should be fucking me and not her, i’m white and can take him. she can’t, i know it.

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Posted by Anonymous 20th May 2011

Alright Rhonda, I?m getting sick of this crap. I can?t even stop by my rage outlet without your bitching. Didn?t I tell you not to get attached? I?m your goddamn temp-boss for christsakes. You?ve only been here a fortnight and already you?ve got my filing system totally jacked-up. Don?t come in on Monday, I?ve already talked to staffing. Good riddance! And yeah, I?m banging Maria. She?s fucking hot. You, I can smell it from my office. Every time you come in here with your pathetic flirtations I nearly wretch in my wastebasket. You know what else? She?ll let me in the back door. Oh man, you know she does enemas or something? Seriously, if I stick my finger in her ass (and I?m talking last knuckle) it comes out cleaner than when it went in- and smelling like lavender. Her farts smell like potpourri. Did I mention how malleable and bendy she is? Here she comes now. Back to the trailer park with you, you miserable rebel-flag waving, Cheetos-stained, wall-off-the-border, redneck bitch.

Posted by Anonymous 23rd November 2011

Get the hell over it.

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