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rant about family and life part 1


Posted 2nd June 2012 1521

ok. im just venting. my grandpa pisses me off daily. he always has to be complianing about SOMETHING. and we recently got a cat. i have no idea why, but he doesnt like the cat in my room, even though he is MY cat. so he will barge into my room, almost every 5 minutes saying “the cat better not be in here!” or “DONT HAVE THIS DOOR CLOSED the cat cant get out!” and 75% of the time i dont even have the fuckign cat in my room. he also has alztimers so he forgets alot, so he does this every single 5 minutes. it annoys the hell out of me! right now he barged into my room with a flashlight and bent down, looked under the bed, and pulled everything out from under my bed! mostly shoes and shit. he wont let me eat in my room because he say roaches will get into my room, yet my grandpa eats in her bed every day! and if i eat i have to do it on the dining room table! he yells at me when i have my phone next to me, or when im on the computer! he is the most rascist man ive ever met, using the word nigger, as if its the word “the”. he also thinks every fucking thing is STUPID. the way he says it erks me sooooo bad -.- since me and him never get along i lock myself in my room. i have no privacy. he gets mad when i lock my door, and starts banging onto it and threatening to call the cops when im changing! i never talk to him. and i dont know what goes through his mind, he makes up stupid shit. like telling my mom i said “i dont have to listen to you, because my dad said i didnt have to” and i dont even fucking like my dad! my mom takes my side alot. but still. and his room is right next to mine. the walls are thin as hell so i can hear everything he says about me! he tells my grandma all this ridiculous shit like “she is a little BITCH. and she does nothing but smart mouth, and talk back! etc” he also talks alot of shit about my brother. he is 17 and going into the navy, my grandpa always wanted him to go into the airforce. even though i lock myself in my room, he still comes in and talks shit to me, and about my grandma, brother, mom cat etc. he says stuff like “he isnt going to make it into the navy, he is a slob etc. and that my mom is out partying and stuff” when she really works at a resort until 3 in the morning almost everyday, due to short staff. he kicks my cat, and locks him in the bathroom, even though we rescued him from owners who kept him locked in a laundry room for 9 months in his own filth. i cant help him because he wont let me keep him in my room or anything! i know your prob. like thats not that bad. but imagine this happening everyday, every moment. and its summer now so im home 24/7. my mom lives with my grandma and grandpa, and my dad lives elsewhere. my parents are split up.

my dad is a whole other story. he spoils the hell out of my little brother and sister. my little brother has a wii, playstation, and xbox 360. and he is 6 years old! my little sister gets all my dads attention. and the most i have is my own room that has a small tv and a bed. its practically empty. my dad makes me clean 24/7, im constantly doing laundry, sweeping, cleaning up after my little brother and sister, wiping the table, doing dishes etc. my dad orders me around like im a fucking maid! when i was around 6 i was changing diapers already, and my tata is more like a father to me, he use to be my next door neighbor, and i would constantly be over there. but we moved and when we moved, the cleaning and stuff got way worse. when my little brother was little, he actually called me mommy. and im only barely a teen! im too busy acting like a grown woman, and not being able to have my youth! my mom fully knows my dad is a douche bag too. i find myself constantly getting yelled at, because i didnt clean right or something. and when im at my dads i cry at least once a day or once every 1-3 days. sometimes my dad can be cool and nice. but me and my dad have nothing in common. im really suprised im even related to him. when were stuck in a car together we have nothing to talk about, except my little brother or little sister. for Christmas i get 3 things. there not bad gifts. but not the best. while my little brother and sister have like 15 gifts each. and i do all the wrapping, and shit so all my gifts and theres arent even a surprise anymore. therefore making me resent christmas now. and my little sister and brother bully me all the time. my little brother hits me, and im not allowed to even hit back. he is extreamly strong because my dad has him in wrestling (which he is extreamly succesful at!) and when i do hit back, i get punished. on my birthday, he forgot and only remembered when my little brother said happy birthday to then which he said “oh yea, its your birthday? happy birthday ma.” and it was a big day for me.

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Posted by Cinderella 24th August 2012

About your grandfather I think it’s time he was moved into an old folks home your dad sounds like an incredible douche WHAT KIND OF MAN FORGETS HIS OWN DAUGHTER’S BIRTH DAY?! seriously? that is bull shit! Your mom sounds fine perhaps you could arrange that you never go to your dad’s that is…once your grandparents get checked in to an old folks home.

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