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rant about family and life part 2


Posted 2nd June 2012 1112

we didnt do shit on my birthday. he got me a 5 dollar cake. and went up to his room, and left me to cut the cake. no one said happy birthday to me, i received no gifts. my dad is always making up for my birthday on someone elses birthday. like on my little brothers birthday, we went to disneyland. to which he said “oh…and this is also for your sisters birthday” which was fucking 4 months ago! out of all my brothers and stuff my little one means the most to me even though we fight alot. my big brother has turned into a mega douche bag. he went throught several phases, a loner, porn, gang, pot, nerd. which in all he has been a huge douchbag to me in each one. the loner one, he just ignored me all the time. the porn, him and his friend would just watch porn together, and he would still ignore me and shit. the gang one, he thought he was such a hard ass, and pushed me around and beat up on me alot. even though im a girl. and the pothead one, he was constantly sneaking out and shit. and when i wouldnt or couldnt back him up. he would get all pissed at me for not giving him an alibi. and the nerd one, which he is in now, he is obsessed with his computer, he is constantly ditching class, and is the biggest douche bad ever, because he thinks he knows every fucking thing, calls me stupid all the time and picks on me constantly, he is always lecturing me on becoming a facebook whore. even though im fully dressed on all my pictures and have alot of facebook friends like over 500, which i have met all of them! because ive moved schools 4 times. he has 2 sisters me and this other girl. she is pretty and all, but tbh she is the biggest slut ever! she is younger then me and has herself in bikinis and shit all over facebook, has prob. had more boyfriends then me! and hangs out with sluts! and he is always saying if your end up like a whore im going to kick your ass. even though his other sister is already one, and he does nothing! and my mom, dad, and brother are super protective of me! which i find stupid! i have good grades always. have friends that dont get in trouble, and im usually home. my dad wont even let me stand next to a guy, or have any guy friends! he took away my phone, because there was a boys name in there i had been texting and i didnt even like him! my mom goes through my phone, and my facebook when i leave them out. which is none of her business. i tell her everything and i dont see why she would invade my privacy like that considering i tell her everything that goes on willingly. and my brother is just constantly lecturing me on guys and shit. i havent even had my first kiss yet. im not allowed to wear makeup even though i have the ugliest under eye circles ever! im still decent looking though. and my dad never helps me with my homework ever. he puts me cleaning and taking care of my siblings first. so when i do get bad grades he yells at me even though its his fault because by the time im done with everything its already 11 or 12 o’clock! and i wake up at 6 am to get ready for school. when i go shopping with my dad he picks my clothes which piss me off. its not like im going to wear fucking tube tops to school. in 6th grade i was deeply depressed, because i moved into a different district and had 3 friends, and i looked like a boy because my dad picked out my uniforms which were, boy shorts and boy tops. and my hair was natural everyday so it was wavy and shit. . i was living with my dad most of the time. and i came home everyday to a dirty house that i had to clean. i dont like my grandma, because she spoils my brother who is 17 when we eat. he always gets the biggest bowl. and he is constantly getting new clothes from her. ive never gotten shit from her except food i think the only person in my family i dont hate. and actually want in my life is my grandfather from my dads side. so far he has not once disappointed me. and welcomes me with open arms and a smile. no one in my family really gets me accept my mom, and thats only a little. my dad is always saying im fat and lazy and have lazy blood. even though my little sister who is around 9. weighs almost as much as me and is a little fat bitch. even though i do every fucking thing around the house. my dad still has the gull to say im lazy? thats what really pisses me off. thank you for letting me get that out of my system and sorry its so long. ive been holding this shit in for a long time -.-

fuck life

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Posted by I wish I could hug you 24th August 2012

Families suck end of story.

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