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Posted 12th June 2011 1411

I’m depressed, and only my family knows. I am insanely jealous of every single girl my boyfriend talks to, even if it’s my best friend of ten years. I am so close to hating myself, and I always imagine people being worse than they actually are. I’m always, always scared my boyfriend is in love with my best friend, because she is so much prettier, hotter, smarter, funnier, and better in ALL ASPECTS than I am. He’s just not with her because she’s in a relationship too, and he knows she would never go out with him when he’s dated her best friend. He liked me more a year ago, when I was anorexic and 25 pounds lighter. Everyone liked me better before. I don’t deserve anything, or him, but I’m scared of losing him. He protects me from myself.

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