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society kills


Posted 28th November 2008 1316

So there’s been a lot of talk about how movies and games and shows make people moer likely to do something (recent study shows that kids who watch “That 70’s Show” are more likely to have sex during the teen years….Really?). They actually think that these things have a great enough effect on the mindset of a person to alter their view that drastically. Newsflash, almost all of the current problems today are not caused by the video games or movies, but by being in very densely populated areas. The effect of being that close to so many people, and not knowing or being really close to anyone, leads to estrangement along with some serious psychological effects, like going insane, not being able to feel guilt (resulting in so many homicides blamed on video games), an inability to actually comprehend friendship as anything more an a way to get what you want, and other mental “illnesses”.

Besides that, the way the laws are, and the way people act in “civilizations”, I’ve got a new catchphrase: What is civiliztion but the way to be lawfully barbaric. Catchy, isn’t it? It’s funny when people try to protect their aimals for attacking someone for about the same reasons by saying its because their just a bast, it’s in their nature. Open your eyes, were beasts also. Our nature is survival (and sorry vegans, I won’t let you defend not eating animals because it hurts them because its your instinct to eat meat), but we can’t defend ourselves that way. We know its wrong, but society has told us not to care, because it doesn’t.

As long as society can keep pinning it’s problems on something, it will continue to destroy something. You know what strikes me as really funny though? The fact that as bad a rap as rock got when it came out, by being called the devils music, as some say it is sitll today, rap hasn’t gotten any bad rep despite the fact that it continously promotes violence. And whats worse, its becoming popular, even though its a simple beat with words that usually say the same thing no matter what song you listen to, it only changes its idea between a few (i.e., getting caught whiile cheating, heartbreak, violence, and others, though a few are genuinely different, like pop bottles)

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